Why Verus.

1. We demonstrate expertise in energy measurement and reduction.

Our team has experience working with clients that spans across many industries and continents. Knowing that each business has unique needs, our service approach focuses on our clients’ individual energy and sustainability opportunities.

2. We take a business-focused approach in our services.

Unlike research institutions that may not understand your business needs, we are here to help you with both your bottom and top-line results. We take an ROI focused approach to measuring and controlling energy use and therefore, understand the importance of creating an economic value for stakeholders. Through Life Cycle Assessments that trace your processes up the supply chain, you will be able to make key decisions that can reduce costs and boost sales at the same time

3. We deliver cost effective initiatives.

By operating a more efficient business with a clear strategy, we are able to lead on price within our competitive market. We believe that our client-specific energy solutions deliver more value than IT software programs that lack flexible customization. In addition, IT solutions are often more costly as they require high upfront investments including set up cost and maintenance fees. Similarly, larger management consulting companies utilize their brand to charge a much higher rate for a similar level of services provided. Verus Carbon Neutral offers high caliber services by seeking the best return on all available solutions—not just ones in line with one technology or tend.

4. We will add credibility to your business.

The increased value for environmentally friendly projects has led some businesses to engage in greenwashing—a superficial display of concern for the environment that the public and stakeholder’s are increasingly on guard. We focus on engagement, which has real socio-economic and environmental value, generating goodwill and improved brand awareness. In fact, we utilize the most widely accepted international and U.S.-based protocols, standards and coefficients for its Carbon Footprint, Life Cycle Assessment and Recycled Content Certification processes:

  • ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14064-3 & ISO 14021
  • United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
  • Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
  • CCX Registry

5. We also offer communication support that is tied in the value for your stakeholders.

It is important to communicate all of the efforts your company makes to lower your impact on the environment. This important message also must be delivered in an authentic and reasonable manner in order to influence the target audience. For this reason, we offer an integrated communication service that adds validity to your reports with hard data using a carbon footprint audit or Life Cycle Assessment. We deliver reports focused on stakeholder pains and interests, green messaging for websites, shareholders reports, point-of-sale materials or internal communications.



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