Carbon Strategy

Listen to a podcast from Eric Taub and Andrew Keenan and learn how a cap-and-trade market works and how it will effect your business.

Our goal is to not only help every client reduce their CO2e emissions, but also prepare for future regulations. The key is to take control of the process so that your business is not put into a competitive disadvantage when climate legislation eventually passes. Verus Carbon Neutral employs strategies that include:

Establishing a baseline
Building offset assets
Purchasing futures options
Reducing emissions

Our clients come to us for help because they want to mitigate the uncertainty caused by foreign and domestic mandatory carbon reduction regulations. By being prepared and having a “carbon plan,” they can address potential questions/concerns raised by customers and shareholders.

At Verus Carbon Neutral, our goal is to demystify carbon offsetting strategies so they can easily be explained and adopted by large and small organizations. Contact us to get your carbon plan started.