Snail mail vs. Email
Studies show that the manufacturing and transportation of the average mailed holiday card generates about 18.5 grams of CO2.  Compare that to the .03 grams of CO2 per email. So every mailed card equals over 600 emails. The U.S. alone mails about one billion holiday cards, generating roughly 18.5 million metric tons of CO2.

What Are Carbon Offsets?
Carbon offsets are created by environmental projects that either sequester or avoid the creation of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents) and are measured in metric tons. Examples include forestry, methane capture and renewable energy. Offset projects have many side benefits, such as: innovation, soil erosion avoidance, habitat protection and lowered dependence on fossil fuels.

By purchasing offsets, you help fund projects that may otherwise not be able to exist on their own. Verus Carbon Neutral only offers projects that have been third-party verified. All of our USA-based projects are registered with the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

Show you care with a Carbon-Neutral Holiday Card

Greening Your Holiday E-Card
iContact and Verus Carbon Neutral have teamed up to make your holidays a little greener.  Everyone knows that when it comes to sending out holiday cards, email has far less impact on the environment compared to conventionally mailed cards.  Now you can send e-cards that give a little back to the environment.

Verus Carbon Neutral is now providing iContact clients the opportunity to support environmental projects that are designed to either avoid greenhouse gas emissions or replace those emissions with oxygen.  So when you send this year’s greeting, make it a Carbon-Neutral Holiday E-Card—show your friends and customers you care about them AND the planet they live on.

Once you purchase the offset projects, we will email you two cool badges to copy and paste onto your iContact email, e-card or newsletter, to show the world that you care about the environment.  We also have designers to help you design a holiday e-card.


* iContact offsets a good deal of their carbon emissions, so if you haven’t already created an account, we strongly recommend their services.

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