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Each of us, by virtue of our activities—driving, flying, heating and cooling buildings, running equipment—are directly and indirectly responsible for the creation of greenhouse gases.

A Four-phased Approach to Becoming Carbon Neutral:

1. We start with an auditing process that defines your annual carbon footprint.

2. Next, we retire, on your behalf, carbon offsets that match your carbon footprint

3. We certify your business operations Carbon Neutral

4. Finally, we provide the green messaging tools needed to publicize your status as a Carbon Neutral organization as well as the use of our seal




Eight Day Process:

Day 1—Signed engagement letter
Day 2—Questionnaire sent to client
Day 3—Discussion of questionnaire and other issues
Days 4 & 5—Footprint calculated
Day 6—Discussion of offset options
Day 7—Retire offsets
Day 8—Delivery of certificate and seal

To simplify, we translate the emission-creating activities into CO2 equivalents (CO2e). We measure the annual emissions generated by the burning of fossil fuels, power used from the grid, business travel and waste, which is called a carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is used as a basis for the number of carbon credits necessary to offset the impact a business creates in a year. Some of our clients call it the “mess” they need to clean up. Offsetting allows businesses to mitigate the greenhouse gases they are unable eliminate through energy efficiencies and other reduction strategies. Organizations that offset their entire carbon footprint are then considered Carbon Neutral.

Why businesses are offsetting and becoming Carbon Neutral
For many businesses, Carbon Neutral status is the first step to becoming sustainable. By becoming Carbon Neutral, businesses are telling their stakeholders that they want to raise awareness about climate change and support projects whose sole focus is to avoid or eliminate CO2e. Sustainable businesses are leading the way to a better future—economically, socially and environmentally. We provide a means to take that first step toward sustainability. Metrics that best describe how well your organization performs are not quarterly reports or even annual reports. The next generation of business leaders will measure and predict the long-term effects of their decisions in terms of environmental impact.

“After we became Carbon Neutral, early in 2009, we saw a 30% increase in sales. The people at Verus Carbon Neutral were very responsive and professional. I would recommend them to anyone”  — Keith Kantor, CEO, Service Foods

We realize that it is very difficult, however, for an organization to completely eliminate their carbon emissions with today's energy technology. Our goal at Verus Carbon Neutral is to bridge the gap between the current unsustainable sources of energy to the future, where CO2-reducing offset projects like solar power will power the world. Becoming Carbon Neutral also provides an opportunity to highlight all environmental activities and plans in place at your company. Verus Carbon Neutral acts as a third-party, verifying and communicating green messages on the behalf of our clients.

Use of Our Carbon Neutral Seal
In most cases, clients who qualify for Carbon Neutral status may use our seal for up to one year (the only exception being events). Our seals maybe used in any marketing materials or internal company documents. Seals may not be altered in any way without the express permission of Verus Carbon Neutral.