Green Messaging

Our clients are typically leaders in their communities. They lead by example. In the United States, for example, no business is required to offset their carbon footprint, yet many of our clients choose to do so anyway.

It is important to communicate all of the efforts companies make to lower their impact on the environment--but they must be careful. For example, if your company publishes a sustainability report it is essential to include an annual carbon footprint to avoid 'green washing' accusations. Verus will collect and report out hard data to strengthen the content of your reports.

Part of our responsibility is to articulate the accomplishments of our clients in creating more environmentally-friendly operations. We have the ability to quantify and certify green achievements, either through a carbon footprint audit or Life Cycle Assessment. Results can be published in a detailed report and by press release. The press release is typically issued by Verus Carbon Neutral as a third-party certifier.

Additionally, we can supply green messaging for websites, shareholders reports, point-of-sale materials or internal communications.