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GreenWay Miles

GreenWay Miles is a partnership between Verus Carbon Neutral and CostDown Consulting; a trucking consultancy that provides trucking company owners and CEOs with analysis, new programs and training that reduce operating costs through improved driver productivity, fleet utilization, network optimization and driver retention.

Together, these industry leaders have pooled their expertise to provide the logistics industry with Carbon Audits, Rate Premium Certifications that define the exact cost of shipping carbon neutral and Carbon Offset Purchasing.

Certified Carbon Audits: Carrier and Non-Carrier Operations

GreenWay Miles Carbon Audits are comprehensive measurements of a members’ fleet and facilities carbon emissions that, when combined, define their specific Total Annual Carbon Emissions. This is called their Logistics Footprint—the total amount of carbon they emit each year from running their operations.

In the case of GreenWay Miles Certified Carriers, we divide their Total Annual Carbon Emissions by their Total Annual Miles to calculate Grams of Carbon per Mile. The Grams of Carbon per Mile calculation provides a precise measurement of carbon output for every mile traveled by a GreenWay Miles Certified Carrier.

GreenWay Miles Certified Companies (without fleet operations) receive the same comprehensive Carbon Audits as do carrier members.  Their facility audits define carbon emissions through a calculation that provides Total Grams of Carbon per Year. 

All GreenWay Miles Facility Carbon Audits comply with Scope 1 and Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas Protocol and are performed and certified annually.

GreenWay Miles Rate Premium Certification

Our Carbon Audits and Grams of Carbon per Mile calculation allow us to provide GreenWay Miles Certified Carriers with Rate Premium Calculations and Certification.  This is the additional rate a carrier or shipper would have to pay per mile to ship their freight on a carbon neutral basis.

GreenWay Miles Certified Rate Premiums are based on current carbon offset pricing which is updated quarterly. Each carbon offset represents the reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide.

Carbon Offset Purchasing

GreenWay Miles manages your Carbon Offsets needs.  As a result of our carbon audits and quarterly offset pricing, our members always know exactly what their carbon offset costs are.

Offsets can be used in several ways.  Non-carrier GreenWay Miles Certified Companies can purchase offsets to neutralize the carbon emissions of their facilities.  Once purchased, they are issued an annual GreenWay Miles Carbon Neutral Facility Certification.  They are also authorized to place our Carbon Neutral Facility logo on their website.

Greenway Miles Certified Carriers have several choices when it comes to purchasing offsets.  The first is to purchase offsets for their facilities only.  This process is the same as with non-carrier GreenWay Miles Certified Companies.  If carriers purchase facility offsets, the carbon emissions and carbon offset costs associated with those facilities is removed from their Rate Premium, leaving only the carbon associated with truck emissions in that calculation.

Carriers or their Shippers can also purchase offsets on a mileage basis.  Each quarter GreenWay Miles certifies a member carrier’s Rate Premium based on current offset pricing.  The Rate Premium is the per mile cost of offsetting all emissions associated with using that carrier’s services.  

Verus Carbon Neutral is consistently ranked in the top 5 of the world’s lowest cost providers of carbon offsets.  Carriers and other logistics industry companies that audit and offset their carbon with GreenWay Miles receive the lowest possible carbon offset pricing.  As a result of our tremendous buying power, current offset pricing averages less than a penny a mile for GreenWay Certified Trucking Carriers and less than $200 per facility (result vary based on each carrier’s unique operations).

GreenWay Miles Certified Companies

GreenWay Miles Certification is available to all companies operating in the logistics industry. 

Carrier certification includes combining carbon audit results from facilities and fleet operations to generate Grams of Carbon per Mile and GreenWay Certified Rate Premium calculations.  The carrier group includes both trucking and railroad carriers.

Non-carrier members include warehouses, distribution centers, 3PLs, logistics companies, truck stops and freight forwarders.  The non-carrier group is provided carbon audits that certify their Annual Grams of Carbon emissions and options to offset that carbon.

Value of GreenWay Miles Services

GreenWay Miles Carbon Audits and Certifications provide all companies in the logistics industry the ability to precisely define their carbon emissions and the option to offset that carbon on a facility or mileage basis.  This provides the following value:

  • Any Client or Shipper of a GreenWay Certified Carrier or Company will know the precise carbon impact of doing business with that company has on their carbon footprint
  • GreenWay Certified Carriers can offer their Shippers a carbon neutral shipping alternative
  • GreenWay Certified Carriers can bid business on a carbon neutral basis
  • GreenWay Certified Companies and Carriers can offset the carbon of their Facility Operations and operate on a completely carbon neutral basis.