Calculate Your Annual Carbon Footprint

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Emissions From Electricity

US Average kWh per Month 934
Tons of CO2 from Electricity 0

Emissions From Heating

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Emissions From Natural Gas

US Average Therms per Month 67
Tons of CO2 from Natural Gas 0

Emissions From Heating Oil

US Average Gallons per Month 93
Tons of CO2 from Heating Oil 0

Vehicle Emissions

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US Average Annual Miles 11,856
Tons of CO2 from Vehicles 0

Air Travel

Tons of CO2 from Travel 0


Annual tons of CO2 Created  
Benefit from Recycling  
Tons of CO2 from Waste 0

Total Emissions Created

Total Tons of CO2 (rounded) 0

When you finish calculating your carbon footprint and purchase offsets you have the option to save or print out a certificate that classifies you (or a friend) as a Champion of the Environment.