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Why are our offset prices so much lower than everyone else?

We get asked that question almost every day. Once you demystify how offsets are created and sold, the answer is simple. We have a really good relationship with the offset project managers that we support and we deal in large volumes.

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Currently, in the United States, the price of offsets are very low, mainly because there is no federal climate change legislation in place. Prices vary widely because some buyers are willing to pay more for specific projects that have a lot of side benefits.


Projects that have a great deal of humanitarian benefit can and do command much higher prices. For example, one of our featured projects, Andhyodaya, empowers girls by enabling them to go to school, because without the project they would instead be out collecting wood. The Andhyodaya Biogas Project is priced at $4.00 a metric ton.

Currently our featured projects consist of methane capture, biomass renewable energy and sustainable forestry. Verus, however, has access to hundreds of offset projects around the world. Prices may be slightly higher for special requests. Our prices start at $2.75 a metric ton.


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*According to Carbon Catalog. Note ranking may vary with valuations of the dollar versus foreign currencies.