What are CO2e Offsets?

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Biodigester on a small farm in Costa Rica


This biodigester is located on a small farm in Costa Rica near Arenal. It is used to capture agricultural methane, which is used for cooking gas.

Definition: Projects that sequester or avoid the creation of CO2e. Examples include forestry, methane capture and renewable energy. Most projects have side benefits:

  • Innovation
  • Soil erosion avoidance
  • Habitat protection and development
  • Lowering dependence on foreign fuels

The purchase of offsets fund projects that may otherwise not be able to exist on their own. Verus Carbon Neutral only offers projects that have been 3rd-party verified. All of our USA-based projects are listed on the CCX Registry.

In the past several years offset funding has helped to develop new and innovative ways to avoid CO2e creation. Below is a list of the most popular offset project categories to date:

  • Agricultural methane capture
  • Agricultural soil carbon (No till)
  • Coal mine methane capture
  • Energy efficiency
  • Forestry
  • Fuel Switching
  • Landfill methane capture
  • Organic waste methane capture
  • Ozone depleting substance destruction
  • Renewable energy

Verus Carbon Neutral has access to hundreds of different projects all over the world. Note that prices vary by project. See our featured offset projects.