Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

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The REC market was designed to support renewable energy generators by selling the “marketing rights” of any renewable energy sources to individuals or businesses. RECs provide much needed funding to projects all over the United States. They also allow parties that can not practically install their own renewable energy sources, because of space or financial reasons, to support green energy.

The entity that generates RECs is limited to how they communicate the fact they are producing renewable energy. They give up their "marketing rights" when they sell their RECs. Whoever owns the environmental rights can create the RECs.

Green-e certification is strongly recommended (unless selling to the Compliance Market) because it is the most widely accepted. For example the USGBC only accepts Green-e RECs for LEED points. RECs can be wholesaled to brokers or sold directly to the end user. There is a 21-month window in which RECs must be sold. At the end of every year, REC generators must submit to an audit by a CPA. Green-e must also approve any marketing materials promoting RECs.

RECs are measured in Mega Watt hours generated on an annual basis.


We work directly with renewable energy providers and our prices start at only $4.00 a credit.  If you would like to purchase Green-e certified RECs please contact us.