"You will find Andrew very easy to work with throughout the process. I used them for an detailed LCA on P2Forms and the economics / value that they quoted were in line with other offers we received, but they were better at the process from initiation through completion." —Dave Foell, President, Return Polymers, Inc.


“After we became Carbon Neutral, early in 2009, we saw a 30% increase in sales. The people at Verus Carbon Neutral were very responsive and professional. I would recommend them to anyone.” —Keith Kantor, CEO, Service Foods

“GreenBusiness Works EXPO’s footprint was minimal thanks in part to our partnership with Verus Carbon Neutral. VCN is very responsive, knowledgeable, and joy to work with. Our goal was to have as little a footprint as possible and they worked with us to examine where we needed to focus up front and during the event to keep the footprint small. With their assistance, we developed the correct data queries to measure our outcomes and with their detailed report, we were able to see our opportunity for reduction in future events. We look forward to a long-term relationship with them.” —Stephanie Armistead, General Manager, GreenBusiness Works EXPO

“We wanted to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and Verus Carbon Neutral helped us by calculating and offsetting our Carbon Footprint. Unlike most other offset providers, Verus was able to certify we were Carbon Neutral. Now we can use their certification seal to let our customers know that we care about climate change.” —Gretchen Hollingsworth, Co-Owner Paddywax Inc


“Verus Carbon Neutral was instrumental in creating the First Carbon Neutral Zone in the US. During the steepest economic downturn of the last 50 years, Verus connected 18 small, competing business owners and eased them through the financial audits necessary to complete carbon footprint audits under tight time constraints. Their efforts culminated in a well-run Press Conference announcing the Zone, with every business owner present. Verus Carbon Neutral is very personable and creative. At the same time, they are goal oriented and focused. Verus can manage large accounts with multiple players extremely well.” —Antje Kingma, Owner, Eco-Bella, LLC